Tip Cards: A better way to tip restaurants for carry-out and delivery

Monday, January 4, 2021 (2 years ago)

Mark Jackson


Tipping is backwards for carry-out and delivery orders.

For dine in, we always tip after the meal. This makes sense because all services have been rendered by that time. But for carry-out and delivery orders, we are forced to tip before the meal (after the food is received but before it is consumed).

This is fast because the customer only pays once, but it doesn't make sense.

What if the food exceeds your expectations? Sorry, there is no easy way to tip because you already paid.

What if there is a mishap with your order that is undiscovered until during the meal? Sorry, you've already given your possibly undeserved tip.

There is a simple solution: give customers a way to tip after the meal.

Coindrop makes this easy.

Create a Coindrop page (it is 100% free with zero fees) and list the payment methods your restaurant accepts for tips (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc). Then, include a Tip Card in your to-go boxes that links to your Coindrop page. Customers can then send a tip using their payment method of choice in a matter of seconds.

Happy tipping!