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Smartphone with apps on homescreen

Coming Soon: Custom Payment Methods

The days of submitting requests to add new payment methods, and me not responding to them, is over.

Coindrop vs. Github Sponsors

The Downsides of Github Sponsors and A Solution

So you're an open-source software developer. What is the best way to fund your work? In this article we compare the pros & cons of using Coindrop and Github Sponsors, or a combination of the two.

Macaroons in a to-go box

Tip Cards: A better way to tip restaurants for carry-out and delivery

Tipping on carry-out and delivery orders is backwards. Why do we tip after the meal for dine-in, but before the meal for take-out and delivery? Tip Cards are the solution!

Smartphone with apps on homescreen

How to request a new payment method

Is one of your preferred payment methods missing from the list of options in your Coindrop's settings? This article explains how to get it added.

Coindrop logo with HTML Code icon

How to embed a donate button on any webpage

Works on any site that supports HTML code blocks or Markdown.

Coindrop logo vs. Buy Me A Coffee logo

Coindrop vs. Buy Me A Coffee

Accepting donations has never been easier. Both Coindrop and BuyMeACoffee offer a fast, streamlined experience. In this article we compare the two apps to help decide which is more appropriate for you.

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